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Are Students Today Getting More Homework Than Before?

Research studies have repeatedly shown that too much homework can be detrimental to students’ physical and mental health. Specific results show that anything more than 2-hour homework assignments every night could result in very serious problems rendering the effort and intention fruitless.

Nevertheless, how much homework is too much homework?

Educational experts and researchers recommend that students’ homework should not exceed 2 hours per night. Anything more than this should be considered too much. However, some parents are complaining that this isn’t enough, as their kids seem not to spend much time on their homework.

This is a contentious topic that has managed to draw a line between a proponent side and an opposing one. Those supporting it praise the numerous benefits that homework has while the opposition focuses mainly on its ugly side.

Some parents and teachers have gone the extra mile to replace homework entirely in their educational systems with other proven retrieval practices that support recalling core concepts that were learned a while back.

Upon realizing, that homework does not correlate with student performance, a teacher in California decided to stop giving homework assignment but on the condition that parents engaged their children on other learning practices that foster and boosts memorization.

Given that most students learn effectively through visualization techniques, you can try using an associative learning method in your class too. This could include a collaboration of things such as the use of e-learning materials such as e-books, table games, live quiz games, educational films, learning application software, among others.

Elsewhere, a group of headteachers concluded that their students tend to forget about half of what they had learned over the summer break. Consequently, these headteachers decided t cut down the summer vacation by assigning their students even more homework. 

Yes, you guessed it correctly this led to more stress especially among the students who now had less free time to relax after the long term in school.

According to the findings of one survey done by Stanford University, 93% of students who went to college especially those in their 2nd year and 4th year, admitted to getting an average of 3.1 hours of homework for each passing night. 

Instead of helping the students attain improved grades in school, these huge amounts of homework force their families to help them get through frustrations and stresses because of the homework.

Investing in knowledge is widely known to pay the best interests but this does not mean that you should spend all of your lifetime learning. There is a lot that life has to offer. Live it a little and let an assignment helper do my accounting homework for you online.

If you are still wondering about the right amount of homework, we recommend that you should only stick to less than 2- hour assignments. Before starting, we further suggest that you first pick tasks that you can comfortably handle. This way, you are assured of nurturing essential life skills that might just be very beneficial to your professional career in the future.

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