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Is Homework Necessary?

The debate around the necessity of homework has been around for centuries now. Many tend to weigh between entirely abolishing them or not. To be honest, just like any other factor in life, homework has a good and a bad side.

Teachers all over the world give their students homework to improve their learning abilities. While tackling an assignment, a student has to conduct a thorough academic investigation on a given subject and commit to finishing a well-researched essay report on the topic.

This way, students get to hone several skills that are also essential in their future careers. For instance, they become self-independent meaning that they would be capable of working under minimal supervision among many other desirable job qualities.

However, many parents and students are lamenting that these take away assignments are taking a toll on their social and health lives every evening. Parents now believe that homework is taking up a huge chunk of family time and students are now emotionally exhausted due to huge homework quantities.

To help you find your way through all these murk, we have compiled a list of well-discussed advantages and disadvantages of homework. Have an open mind while reading them and you might just find a perfect side to support.

Homework Pros

Encourages teacher-student collaboration – the main aim of homework is to reinforce education and there is no way this can be achieved if there is no proper communication in and outside the classroom. It is quite typical for teachers to discuss the previous night’s assignments in class with their students allowing them to share their thoughts and explore different problem-solving techniques for getting the correct answers. This builds a healthy relationship that encourages students to become more confident in the subject.

It is a creative way for family bonding – students often get challenging tasks that need help. When completely stranded, they usually go to an older sibling or adult in their homes for assistance. This way, family members are encouraged to spend more time together working on a common task. This bonding encourages students to feel free to ask for more help in the future as well as learn other creative ways of solving a problem.

It lets parents in on their kid’s schoolwork – homework provides parents with a unique window that lets them keep track of their children’s academic progress. By spending some time looking at the homework assigned to them, they can easily tell their kid’s comprehension level, identify an area of weakness, and assist them.

Homework Cons

Homework stresses students – when assigned excessively every night, huge homework quantities are shown to cause frustration among students. These stress levels take a toll on their health and negatively deprives them of the enthusiasm for education.

Results in academic burnout – studies have shown that students who have to tackle bulky and/or very complicated assignments every night use a lot of hours to finish the assignments and this burns them out fast.

Eats away their social life – homework time means less time for other personal and social endeavors. When this becomes a daily routine, students eventually don’t get enough time to socialize and therefore become reserved making them less communicative.

There you have it, whichever the side you will support, please consider the above points impartially to make rational decisions about self-education.

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